Go Zero Waste with a Reusable Water Bottleopens IMAGE file By Morgan O’Connor, Marketing & High Performance Building EcoFellow

Zero Waste is a movement to reduce the amount one consumes and consequently throws away. Adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle is one of the most sustainable ways of living. Zero Waste lifestyle choices influence all environmental areas by preventing resource extraction, reducing the amount of materials sent to the landfill or incinerator, and reducing pollution from producing, transporting, or disposing of materials.

Zero Waste is often shown as something not easily accessible (making your own soap just may not be practical in your life, for example), but it’s actually very easy to take simple steps toward Zero Waste. In fact, not only will you reduce waste, adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle can often be more affordable. Composting, buying second-hand, sharing when you can, or packing your own lunch are all simple steps you can take toward Zero Waste, all while saving money too!

There are a variety of ways one can practice Zero Waste habits, and some will make more sense for you than others. Challenge yourself to adopt some of the tips below. Soon you’ll be on your way to living the Zero Waste lifestyle.

Tips everyone can use to move toward the Zero Waste Movement:

  • Refuse what we do not need (for example, at restaurants opt to go strawless)
  • Reduce what we use, especially if we are not using it (we have lots of tips on how to reduce your wasted food, check out this blog here)
  • Reusing and using what we have until it no longer works, not when it no longer is in fashion (did you know our store, EcoBuilding Bargains, diverts 400 tons of material from the landfill every year?)
  • Repairing what we can
  • Recycling only when all previous options have been explored (here are some easy steps)