Weatherization Contractors in Eastern Massachusetts

City  State  Contractor  Phone  E-Mail 
Andover  MA  Polar Bear Insulation Co, Inc  978-407-7638 
Beverly  MA  John P. Insulation  978-401-8134 
Billerica  MA  Merrimack Valley Insulation  978-808-3419   
Danvers  MA  The Worthmore Group  978-408-3174 
Gloucester  MA  HRM Group LLC  978-423-5727   
Ipswich  MA  Gauthier Insulation INC  978-356-3483 
Littleton  MA  Dolphin Insulation, INC   978-266-1122    
Lynn  MA  NEEECO Insulation – Romain Strecker  781-309-7540 
Reading  MA  McLaughlin Weatherization  508-989-9421 

Weatherization: As of publication, contractors on this list are in good standing with the Mass Save program and have been vetted for professional credentials. A contractor’s presence on this list does not constitute approval, certification, or any other form of endorsement on the part of the Center for EcoTechnology (CET). Also note that CET does not receive any compensation or other benefits if a customer uses a contractor on this list. Customers are not obligated to use a contractor on this list. To qualify for rebates, customers and contractors must comply with the rebate processing rules and equipment specifications set by their MLP.