Sometimes the only way to get through a cold winter day is with a good DIY project! We’ve utilized these salvaged windows from our store, EcoBuilding Bargains, to create a unique and colorful stained glass decorative piece. Whether you want to envision a warmer landscape or showcase your favorite images, this easy and kid-friendly craft is a great way to mix up your space!


  • Window
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Food coloring
  • Black paint
  • Newspaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Small bowls/cups


Step 1. Prepare your space by cleaning the window and putting a layer of newspaper or tarp on the table

Step 2. Use the dry-erase marker to draw your design. Referencing an online image can help!

Step 3. Mix food coloring into glue to create the desired colors for your stained glass. Repeat as necessary.

Step 4. Using a small paintbrush, paint your window with the glue mixture. Let dry completely and add a second coat if they layer is not smooth.

Step 5. Create the final stained glass effect by using the black paint to outline each section where the dry erase marker lines were.

Once your window is ready to go, you can hang it on the wall as a decorative piece or install it back into its frame!