By EcoFellow Sonja Favaloro

At EcoBuilding Bargains, we see an average of 200 customers come through our doors daily. These customers each have their own motivations for being here, whether they are regulars who come in weekly to check out our latest reclaimed items, or first time customers who drove hours to buy the perfect cabinet set they saw on our website.

We wanted to know, why do our customers love the store? What distinguishes it from the big box chains, and what keeps them coming back? We also wanted to ask our wonderful employees, why do you like working at the store? Why do you think people can benefit from shopping here? This video contains a wide variety of answers to these questions.

For many we spoke to, affordable prices, friendly customer service, and a mission to help the environment seem to be key factors in making the store a great place to work and shop. After hearing customers and employees explain in their own words why they love the store, we hope you’ll come in and see it for yourself!

store vid screenshot