A unique shopping experience begins as soon as you open the front door to Sticks & Bricks. Light floods the showroom, illuminating all of the sophisticated furniture pieces and plants that are scattered throughout, creating a comfortable and homey atmosphere. This local custom furniture store emphasizes reuse elements in their designs. Many of their pieces are designed using reclaimed building materials purchased from EcoBuilding Bargains in Springfield, the largest reclaimed building materials store in New England.

Using reclaimed building materials is important because it keeps perfectly good things out of our landfills. Liz, owner of Sticks & Bricks, loves to use reclaimed building materials not only to reduce waste, but also because of the character and personality they convey. “I think there’s a character and a beauty from old elements, you just can’t fake that,” Liz says. “I really love simplicity in design and if something is simple and new, it can feel a little hollow and soulless, so using reclaimed elements solves that.” Pictured below are just a few of the different things that Liz has upcycled from EcoBuilding Bargains to bring some soul into Sticks & Bricks.

Liz used these doors from EcoBuilding Bargains to create a fun rustic backdrop to this setup in her extra storage shed.

One of the best parts about working with reclaimed building materials is that the opportunity for creativity is endless! Check out this simple yet chic custom table that Liz designed using reclaimed Danby marble from EcoBuilding Bargains.

Liz found this milk glass light globe fixture from EcoBuilding Bargains and added new hardware to give it an extra spark of personality.

Sticks & Bricks has really hit the nail on the head (literally!) with the amazing things that can be done using reclaimed building materials. While the shop is currently closed due to COVID-19, they are still producing beautiful new items available for online purchase and pickup, as well as free local delivery!

If you’re inspired to try some repurposing projects of your own, EcoBuilding Bargains has established virtual shopping appointments! We are excited to be able to help you find exactly what you need from the comfort and safety of your own home. A personal shopper will video conference with you and then arrange for curbside pickup of your purchases. Call 413.788.6900 or email EcoBuildingBargains@cetonline.org to set up a virtual appointment today. You can also purchase some of our products online on our eBay page.

Check out the video below to learn more about how Sticks & Bricks incorporates reclaimed building materials into their designs!