Located in Northampton, MA is the unique and creative SpiritHouse Music recording studio. SpiritHouse Music is a music production company with a recording studio, and has been around for about 20 years.  They work with artists from all over, and even have had some of their collaborators stay in their studio – prior to the pandemic. SpiritHouse recently launched a new label, A-side B-side. This label incorporates and inspires “artists and fans to work together to shine a light on social and environmental justice and raise some meaningful contributions for great causes with each release.”

Inside of the carriage house during renovation

Co-owners of SpiritHouse, Danny Bernini and Paul McNamara, renovated an old carriage house into a recording studio in the fall of 2019. Being environmentally-savvy, they kept some materials from the carriage house for the renovation, but also shopped at EcoBuilding Bargains for other reclaimed building materials for their new studio!Co-owners Danny and Paul sitting in their recording studio.

They bought windows, doors, hanging lamps, and cabinets for their project, which took four to five months to finalize. “We were looking for unique and cool doors and windows” said Danny. “We needed lots of glass doors to use inside to isolate one room from the other, and we found a cool door for our control room.” They were successfully able to find these items for their renovation at EcoBuilding Bargains! Danny and Paul also repurposed an old kitchen cabinet set into an island for their studio.

Small bar with two stools and guitars hanging on the wall behind it.    Hallway with a red curtain in the recording studio leading to a door.

They chose to shop at EcoBuilding Bargains because there are “some awesome deals” and they “liked the idea of reusing items.” Danny is a veteran EcoBuilding Bargains shopper and has purchased items for other projects as well. He mentioned that his various experiences shopping there have always been great. He noted that the staff “always helped out with the process, and it’s fun to look at all of the funky options there.”

Red fridge and red kitchenette with some appliances within the studio.

SpiritHouse Music is a world-class residential recording facility. Danny and Paul have worked with numerous artists and produced songs across a variety of genres. Check out their website to see more photos of their studio!

Inside of the recording studio with instruments and recording equipment.