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New Uses for Your Spruces: Creative Reuse for your Christmas Tree

By Kevin Pink, Marketing and Development Specialist  The holidays have come and gone, and with 25-30 million fresh-cut Christmas trees being purchased in the United States every year, there are soon to be a lot of spruces and firs that need to be disposed of. We’ve got some helpful hints about ways you can put your

Creative Reuse Project: Upcycled Bird Bath!

By Kelsey Colpitts, Marketing Specialist Upcycling is the art of transforming unwanted, damaged or old items into creative new products with new purposes! In addition to being a fun and inexpensive activity, upcycling promotes our green, waste-reduction mission of reusing items instead of sending them to a landfill. For our most recent upcycling project, we

Creative Reuse Project: Make Your Own Mosaic!

For our latest upcycling project, we made mosaics in preparation for an upcoming event we are having in collaboration with Make-It Springfield! This free public event will involve using tiles donated from EcoBuilding Bargains to create a mosaic in Springfield that adds art and beauty to the downtown. We are excited to be working under

Creative Reuse Project: Make Your Own Paper!

Looking for a fun summer project? How about a family-friendly paper making activity! Paper making is a fun and interactive way to engage children in thinking about the paper recycling process and issues of waste reduction. This hands-on project demonstrates how used and discarded paper can be recycled into ‘new’ paper in order to conserve trees and

Spring 2019 Reuse Rockstar Competition Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 Spring Reuse Rockstar Competition! This competition highlights the creative and skillfully made projects our customers make with materials from EcoBuilding Bargains. The community voted for the project they liked best at our EcoBuilding Bash on Saturday, May 11th. All of the projects submitted were inspiring and

EcoBuilding Bargains’ Spring 2018 Reuse Rockstar!

By: Shelby Kuenzli, Marketing EcoFellow The spring 2018 Reuse Rockstar competition put on by EcoBuilding Bargains, our building materials reuse store, has come to a close. Reuse Rockstar is a friendly, bi-annual competition that highlights customers who have upcycled, transformed or repurposed items from EcoBuilding Bargains into creative and functioning pieces. This year, we decided

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