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Creative Reuse: Door Hinge Picture Holder

Are you looking for a way to display your most memorable photographs? Instead of purchasing something new, save some money and resources by following these instructions to upcycle reclaimed door hinges into picture holders. This upcycle project will add the perfect rustic touch to your space! These door hinges were purchased from EcoBuilding Bargains, the

Creative Reuse: Light Globe Center Pieces

Looking for a fun way to decorate for the holidays without buying decorations you know you’ll just throw away? Try this upcycling craft to convert your spare light globes into fun, light-filled centerpieces! These spare light globes were found at EcoBuilding Bargains, the largest reclaimed and surplus building material store in New England. Use your

Creative Reuse Project: DIY Hot Plate with Repurposed Fall Leaves

Have you been wondering what to do with all the fall leaves in your backyard? Look no further than our latest creative reuse project. Collect a pile of fall leaves and create a DIY hot plate in just a few short steps! This project is perfect for Halloween potlucks, Thanksgiving gatherings, and other fall festivities.

Creative Reuse Project: Make Your Own Paper!

Looking for a fun summer project? How about a family-friendly paper making activity! Paper making is a fun and interactive way to engage children in thinking about the paper recycling process and issues of waste reduction. This hands-on project demonstrates how used and discarded paper can be recycled into ‘new’ paper in order to conserve

Creative Reuse Project: Door Knob Picture Holders

For our latest creative reuse project, we have transformed door knobs into vintage picture holders! This simple DIY project utilizes many items you already have around your house; we got our salvaged crystal door knobs from EcoBuilding Bargains in Springfield! A vintage photo holder is a great way to display family portraits, yearbook photos, notes,

2018-09-28T11:36:28-04:00September 28th, 2018|Creative reuse, EcoBuilding Bargains, Sustainability|

Creative Reuse Project: Transform your Magazines!

Creative Reuse Project: Transform your Magazines! By: Shelby Kuenzli, Digital Marketing EcoFellow According to the EPA, roughly 350 million magazines are printed every year. However, only about 33% of paper products are recycled! Recycling magazines is a great way to reduce waste, however, you can also use them for many other purposes! Recently, we turned old magazines

Creative Reuse: Sink Planter

Are you looking for a creative way to spruce up your garden? Do you love upcycling? We have the perfect project for you! We turned this old pastel sink into a beautiful garden planter in just a few easy steps. Materials:  An old sink Duct Tape Scissors Soil Compost (optional, but will help your plants

2020-04-09T14:09:44-04:00May 31st, 2017|Creative reuse|

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