Project Description

opens IMAGE file Lisa Dufour came to CET in 2014 with over 15 years of experience in human resources
management and joined the leadership team in 2016. CET recognizes that its greatest asset is the knowledge, skills and passion of its staff: the employees who each day work to accomplish CET’s mission in the field, in program delivery and customer service, and in various support services. Lisa is committed to helping to develop and implement systems that will allow CET’s employees to thrive as they do their important work.

Human resources includes benefits management, training, development, performance management, and regulatory compliance. In addition to these, Lisa also oversees CET’s safety program, facilities, and fleet. Her training and experience includes conflict management, Non-Violent Communication, change management, and strategic planning. She has a Masters in Art History and Anthropology where she explored the relationship of visual forms to the development of community.