For over 40 years, the Center for EcoTechnology has helped people and businesses save energy and reduce waste. Our mission is to research, develop, and promote those technologies with the least disruptive impact on the natural ecology of the earth. CET is a resource for objective information and guidance when it comes to navigating the world of energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste reduction, recycling, and composting.

One of the ways we accomplish our goals is to work with people of all ages and from all walks of life to educate and promote sustainable actions.


It’s always exciting to bring these solutions to young people. This past January, Jonathan Ruiz and I taught at five different Pittsfield public school classes, comprising of both third and fourth graders. We taught the students how to properly recycle, what different products are made of, how waste can affect wildlife and nature, and more. I was amazed by how enthusiastic the students were—they never stopped raising their hands and were incredibly eager to answer every single question we asked them. The experience reaffirmed to me the incredible importance of environmental education, and how crucial it is to learn these important topics at a young age.

The interactive, educational presentations we do in schools motivates students to think about challenges associated with disposing of waste, and the benefits of reducing and recycling waste both in school and at home. At the end of the Pittsfield presentations, students were given a worksheet that prompted them to take what they learned in the classroom and bring it home by making a personal pledge of how they would reduce waste in their lives.

Education continues to be critical. I enjoy seeing how the education we do creates large impact, even when the people we’re talking to are quite small.