One of the most thorough and impactful home energy efficiency certification programs available today is Passive House Certification. In Amherst, Massachusetts, CET’s team of building science experts recently completed the certification process for our third single-family passive home.  

A white, blue, and brown Passive House in Amherst, MA

CET’s newest Passive House in Amherst, Massachusetts.

What is Passive House Certification?  

When a project team is pursuing Passive House certification, they take part in a thoughtful and detail-oriented design and construction process that emphasizes reduction in building energy use, promoting healthy indoor air quality, preventing drafts, and increasing natural lighting, among many other factors. When a Passive House is built with all of these factors in mind, it does not need an air conditioner or heater, reducing the home’s energy use by 90 percent.  Passive House certification is not just for single-family homes; multi-family buildings can also be Passive House certified.  

See a tour of this Passive House by watching the Building a Sustainable Future webinar linked below.

CET’s Passive House Projects  

As of June 2023, CET has certified 3 passive single-family homes. Because multi-unit buildings are generally more energy efficient, reaching Passive House Certification for a single-family home is a big accomplishment.  After years of experience with this certification program, we have learned firsthand how living in a Passive House Certified home improves not only energy efficiency, but also quality of life. Check out our Building A Sustainable Future webinar to watch a tour of one of CET’s single-family Passive House projects from the homeowner himself.  

We have several more Passive House projects currently in development, including three multi-family projects in Portland, Maine. Two of the Portland projects are expected to certify later this year. The third project, which has just started, is a 43-unit affordable housing development. Improving energy efficiency for all kinds of buildings is critical to achieving decarbonization goals, and CET’s team of building scientists is working towards reaching them.   

A man looks at a wooden house frame.

Work With Us 

Are you interested in pursuing Passive House Certification for your building, or exploring other ways to build more sustainably? Our team of building science experts will work with you to demystify the certification process and ensure your project’s success. Visit our website to learn more about our range of high-performance building services and get in touch.