Design Me a House: Waste Reduction at Home with Emily Gaylord

Our director of communications, Emily Gaylord was a guest on this episode of the Design Me a House podcast, discussing ways to reduce waste at home as well as the vision CET has for the future. CET envisions a world that has embraced and advanced just and resilient climate solutions. By building connections across the country, Emily and her team

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Digging into Sustainability: Rethink Food Waste New York’s Compost Site Operator Training Workshops

Composting food scraps is more than just a way to reduce waste; it's a commitment to a sustainable future. Thanks to the partnership of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) and Rethink Food Waste NY program, administered by The Center for EcoTechnology (CET), we can support the transformative and community-building

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The Exciting Future of Induction Stoves 

In today's rapidly evolving world, it is beneficial to stay updated on the latest technology, especially when it comes to our homes. The kitchen, often considered the heart of a house, has seen significant advancements in recent years. One notable innovation is the induction stove. Explore the ever evolving future of induction stoves, their

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Harney & Sons Fine Teas’ Composting Journey

There is a distinct satisfaction and comfort in a cup of hot cinnamon spice tea, classic Earl Grey, or matcha from Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Behind the sipping experience, many of the teas produced by Harney & Sons are Fair Trade Certified, meaning they adhere to thorough environmental, social, and economic standards. As

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Quarterly Report: Community Climate Fund | Williams College

The Community Climate Fund (CCF) is a vehicle for regional institutions and businesses to sponsor local, high-impact carbon reduction projects that help accelerate a just and equitable transition to the low-carbon economy. The fund started with an investment from Williams College in Williamstown, MA. The CCF will support roadblock remediation

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