It’s time to welcome another round of EcoFellows to the team at the Center for EcoTechnology! The EcoFellowship Program is a one-year paid fellowship position to work with CET staff and other EcoFellows to carry out a range of activities related to climate action initiatives and educational programming in western Massachusetts. EcoFellows support CET’s initiatives to assist residents, students, institutions and businesses across the region in ongoing programs in energy efficiency, home energy services, renewable energy, and waste reduction through recycling, reuse and composting. The EcoFellowship also provides professional development opportunities for these five recent college graduates, encouraging them to get involved with community outreach, school programs, and other environmental organizations.


In the past few weeks, the EcoFellows have jumped right in to their new roles. From touring renewable energy sources at Berkshire East to visiting the Hitchcock Center for the Environment where they learned about the Living Building Challenge, the EcoFellows have been busy learning what we’re about at CET: saving energy and reducing waste.

EcoFellows meeting EcoFellow alumna Emma Kerr, the Smith College Sustainability & Communications Coordinator.

Introducing the Fellows

Valeria Bridgewater
Program Operations EcoFellow

My name is Valeria and I grew up in Austin, Texas. For college, I moved to Sewanee, Tennessee where I attended the University of the South. I knew I wanted to pursue environmental studies, but didn’t know exactly what path I wanted to take. In my Intro to Environmental Studies class, we read Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte. This book inspired me to take a holistic approach to the environment and I decided to major in Environment and Sustainability. This major allowed me to look at environmental issues through different lenses, such as religion, economics, social justice, politics, and science.

The EcoFellowship really intrigued me because of the range of programs and customers CET manages. I wanted to dive deeper into my passion for waste reduction and be a part of those programs that have proved successful but which continuously strive to be better.

Molly Craft
Community Outreach & Education EcoFellow

My name is Molly and I’m from the small town of Upton, Massachusetts. I attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and received my degree in Environmental Conservation with a certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Technology. During my last year at college, I found that educating others about the climate crisis was a passion of mine.

The EcoFellowship was right up my alley, combining functional solutions in waste reduction and energy efficiency with community education. I’m excited to begin my time talking to folks in Massachusetts about how they can save money, energy, and the environment.

Maeghan Klinker
Communications EcoFellow

My name is Maeghan and I’m from Virginia. I’ve lived all around the state, but for the past four years I’ve called Blacksburg home while studying English at Virginia Tech. While at Tech, I learned about the importance of story and how language shapes the way we think. When I heard about the work that CET does, I was excited to get involved and help tell their story.

I’m excited to be involved with the EcoFellowship program because I am passionate about storytelling and the environment, making this position an excellent opportunity to combine those interests while promoting sustainability and helping to encourage positive change.

Brian Premo
Communications & Community Outreach EcoFellow

My name is Brian and I am from Charlton, Massachusetts. I recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where I studied Environmental Science and Geology. While at UMass, I led the Green Office Program which was a program created to incentivize energy and waste reduction in offices on campus. After hearing about the EcoFellowship from one of my mentors in the Green Office Program, it seemed like the natural next step in my career.

I applied for the EcoFellowship because it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to continue pursuing my passion for sustainability. I am excited to continue down this path and to put my energy into meaningful work.

Belén Rodríguez
Building Science EcoFellow

My name is Belén and I grew up in sunny and humid Southwest Florida. I graduated from Wesleyan University in May, 2019 with a double major in History/Sociocultural Studies of Science and Environmental Studies with a Data Analysis minor.

I applied to the EcoFellowship because I knew it would provide a unique and fruitful training experience for a recent college graduate, like myself, who wants to dive deeper into the professional world of sustainability and environmental work. Ultimately, I knew that I would be able to combine my interests in the social impacts of science, analytics, and the environment through my current position as a Building Science Fellow at CET.

Hear more from each of the Fellows on what they’re looking forward to in the upcoming months!