We are thrilled to launch our newest resource: Wasted Food Solutions. This website gives businesses, service providers, and policy makers access to the resources they need to address one of our biggest challenges: wasted food.

CET acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of a vibrant marketplace to divert wasted food from the commercial and institutional sectors. We have been a leader in the wasted food reduction and diversion movement for more than 20 years, implementing some of the first wasted food composting programs in the country, and contributing to effective public policy.

We believe that better managing wasted food is critical in order to address climate change, feed more hungry people, and grow our economy. If you are a city, state or federal agency, industry group or foundation, and want to tackle the issue of wasted food, please contact us!

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Businesses: navigate our webpage by your state to find resources that apply to you. Not in the Northeast? Visit the Toolbox for great resources across the county.

Service Providers: Find out how we can help you by visiting this page. Whether you’re a hauler, work in food rescue, or a compost facility, you and your customers can trust us and have confidence in our recommendations and assistance.

Partner with Us: If you are a government agency, foundation, or industry association, we can help you develop your wasted food reduction and diversion solutions. Visit us online to learn more.

Learn more about Wasted Food Solutions at these upcoming events: