MassFoodScrapBusinesses and other organizations likely to be affected by the Massachusetts commercial food disposal ban are invited to attend the Massachusetts Commercial Food Waste Vendor Fair on June 12. The free one-day event will be held at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center in Framingham, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We spoke with Lorenzo Macaluso, director of CET’s Green Business Services, about the ban and how RecyclingWorksMA, and Mass. Department of Environmental Protection and the Center for EcoTechnology are helping businesses come into compliance.

Go Green News: What organizations will be covered by the ban’s regulations?

Lorenzo Macaluso: The disposal ban applies to any business or institution that throws away one ton of food waste a week or more. Supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants, large cafeterias… We estimate about 1,700 entities will need to come into compliance.

GGN: What is the vendor fair?

LM: It’s an event to help businesses meet with essential industry vendors such as haulers, compostable product vendors, food donation and rescue organizations, and onsite organic waste reduction technologies. Attendees will learn a range of strategies and meet everyone you need to divert food waste from your waste stream.

GGN: What else will happen at the vendor fair?

LM: RecyclingWorks experts will be on-hand during the event for one-on-one consultations for pre-registered attendees. Presentations on the commercial food waste ban and best management practices for commercial food waste separation will be offered throughout the day. 

GGN: How do you register to attend?


GGN: What impact is the food waste ban likely to have?

LM: Each year, Massachusetts businesses and institutions throw away approximately 600,000 tons of organic materials, including food waste. Through the food waste disposal ban, it is estimated that the 1,700 businesses or so covered by the regulations annually will divert approximately 200,000 tons of waste from disposal – the greenhouse gas reduction equivalent of taking more than 41,000 cars off the road.

GGN: Besides attending the vendor fair, how can businesses and other entities learn about the ban?

LM: Call our hotline! 888-254-5525. Or visit