Electric vehicles are getting more impressive every year! By being able to hold a charge for longer and taking less time to recharge, electric vehicles (EVs) have become a practical alternative to traditional gas engines.

Map of Where to Charge in Pioneer Valley

EV charging stations are sweeping the nation with more being built every day. You can easily make your way around Massachusetts in an EV, and not just because it is a small state. For example, a Chevy Bolt (just one of many available EVs) can travel around 240 miles on a single charge! The map above shows the radius that a Bolt could go from Northampton before needing to be charged again. It would be easy to get to New York City, Philadelphia, or even Montreal. That means that your daily excursions to work and errands would be a breeze!

Where to Charge:

To see where you can charge around the Pioneer Valley, we’ve assembled this list of charging stations open to public use! If we missed any stations, please let us know and we will update the list!

Amherst, MA

Gill, MA

Greenfield, MA

Hadley, MA

Ludlow, MA

Northampton, MA

Palmer, MA

Springfield, MA

Westfield, MA

West Springfield, MA

Want to buy an EV, but are worried about the cost?

Drive Green with Mass Energy is making it easier than ever before to get behind the wheel of an EV or plug-in hybrid. Dealerships participating in the Drive Green program are currently offering discounts as high as $14,000 off of the retail price. Additionally, federal and state incentives can cut your costs by up to $10,000 on top of the impressive discounts offered through Drive Green with Mass Energy. There is a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 in addition to state rebates; Massachusetts residents can receive a rebate of up to $2,500! The size of the rebate is tied to the range of the car when running on the electric battery.

How to get more charging stations in your life?

Your home can easily be turned into a Level 1 charging station with the use of a charging unit that often comes with the vehicle. Level 1 takes a fairly long amount of time to completely recharge, so it could be worthwhile to install a Level 2 charger that will recharge at a rate of 10-25 miles an hour. Check out this guide to help you purchase and install a home charger!

There are also state grants through the Massachusetts EV Incentive Program to help employers install charging stations at work. The ability to charge one’s car at work is an important step in EV charging infrastructure, and will help with ease of use as more people make the switch to EVs. Talk to your employer about installing a charging station for you and your co-workers!

Stay tuned for our Berkshire County charging guide, coming soon! Safe travels!