Green Farming

Gould Farm Installedopens IMAGE file Farms are a part of our beautiful New England landscape and have the same needs as many businesses served by CET. We can help farmers find creative outlets for waste and to take advantage of utility sponsored energy efficiency programs. Some farms also have unique opportunities to pursue renewable energy opportunities ranging from installation of solar panels to anaerobic digestion units. CET has helped farmers make these types of improvements for many years.

CET helps farmers improve their energy efficiency across many different types of equipment. We are a direct service provider for several utility companies: CET’s Green Business Specialists carry out utility sponsored energy assessments and help with access to energy efficiency incentives. For more comprehensive information about farm energy efficiency programs, visit the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAopens IMAGE file We have also helped farmers implement food waste composting operations on the farm (see CET’s Farm Compost Reportopens PDF file ).  Many farmers compost vegetative waste or animal manures from the farm and use the finished product on the farm as a soil amendment. CET has helped farmers (see CET’s Operational Checklistopens PDF file  for farmers) augment this system to include commercially generated food scraps. This can serve as source of revenue for the farm by charging for processing these materials, and through the sale of the finished product. When properly managed composting can be an important supplement to a farming operation that also produces a valuable material to be used on the farm for soil amendment. CET has a wealth of resources for farms interested in pursuing a composting operation.  We can also provide on site technical assistance to help implement best management practices.

For more information, please call 413-586-7350 extension 382.