By Aliza Heeren, Marketing (High Performance Building) Fellow

The holiday season is an exciting time to travel, but sometimes, we get wrapped up in the holiday cheer and forget that we can still make environmentally conscious choices. Don’t let the holidays get the better of you this year! Here are eight tips to help you green your holiday travel:

  1. Don’t travel alone

Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, the more passengers the better! If you are flying, chose airlines with higher occupancy rates to make your travel more efficient. If you are driving, try to carpool whenever possible. Either carpool with your family, or communicate with friends to see if anyone is traveling in the same direction as you. Carpooling will save you money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions!

  1. Stay close to home

If you can, avoiding excess travel will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and save you money!

  1. Take public transportation

It’s always important to take public transportation whenever possible because it is much more efficient than driving, and this still applies around the holidays! It will save you the stress of driving and parking, and can make your holiday adventures a little bit greener!

  1. Choose environmentally friendly hotels

Your environmentally conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to go out the window when you’re staying in a hotel! Try to choose a hotel that you know recycles, composts, and reduces their water and energy consumption. Try to use reusable glasses for water and coffee instead of the plastic ones provided. And when given the choice, always opt to keep your sheets and towels for more than one night to reduce your water consumption.

  1. Try camping!

Depending on the weather of your holiday destination, camping can be a fun alternative to staying in a hotel that can save a lot of energy and water!

  1. Consider ecotourism

Many travel companies offer programs that support sustainable development, do not negatively affect the local environment, and support local communities.

  1. Shop local

When buying souvenirs, try to shop local! This will support the local economy and reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Keep up the good work!

Just because you’re not at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to recycle and reduce your use of disposable materials like you usually do. Carry a reusable water bottle, hold on to your recyclables until you find the appropriate bin, and choose local restaurants that compost their food waste!