For more than a decade the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) has been committed to introducing practical, building science concepts and techniques to home builders both in the field and through workshops and trainings on energy code compliance and high performance building.

CET’s Green Building Services team help builders integrate practical, green building practices during construction, boosting the home’s energy performance and “making green make sense.”

Our team is accredited by the Systems Building Research Alliance as Energy Star modular plant certifiers.SBRA

CET has also received recognition from the Western Mass American Institute of Architects. AIA-LOGO

Village Hill

Read case studies about LEED and ENERGY STAR® certified
developments in Amherst and Northampton.

CET’s essential services for builders:

Home Energy Ratings

Customers also use CET’s HERS Rating Package as a gateway to Mass Save’s New Construction Program incentives or to certify an ENERGY STAR or LEED home. Learn more!

Energy Code Compliance Services

  • The Massachusetts Green Communities Act of 2008 required gradually upgrading the base energy code as well as allowing towns to adopt a “Stretch Energy Code.” CET can help you understand and meet these changes.

Stretch Energy Code Services

  • Building a home in a town that adopted the Stretch Energy Code? CET’s HERS Rating Package includes evaluating the energy efficiency of the home, diagnostic testing of the duct systems and the home’s air leakage, and site inspections. Learn more!

Beyond Energy Code: Guidance for High Performance Construction

If you are planning a high performance single or multi-family project designed with goals in mind such as Zero-Net Energy, Passive House, ENERGY STAR Version 3, or LEED certification, call us to discuss hourly or packaged pricing for various green building certifications.

Our green building expertise is built upon performing over 2,000 Home Energy (HERS) Ratings, certifying 1,400 ENERGY STAR dwellings, conducting thousands of tests to measure building envelope and duct leakage, and providing verification for over 200 LEED new dwellings. And maybe we should mention installing an estimated 200,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs as well!

EcoBuilding Bargains

The Center for EcoTechnology operates EcoBuilding Bargains at 83 Warwick Street in Springfield, MA. EcoBuilding Bargains is the largest used building materials store in New England! Our products come from hundreds of builders and homeowners. We offer a tax donation receipt, and we pick up!

Before starting your next project come down and see our ever changing selection of plumbing and lighting fixtures, lumber, vanities, doors, windows, and cabinets at very low prices. We also have products to make your homes greener and more energy efficient.