As you walk into Goodworks Coffee House off of Center Street in downtown Chicopee, the delicious smell of brewed coffee and fresh pastries instantly wafts over you. But Goodworks Coffee House is not only full of delicious treats and a cozy atmosphere, it has many eco-friendly features! Owners Victor and Katie Narvaez have been passionate about sustainability at their coffee shop since the beginning. When designing the space, they decided to reuse salvaged materials from EcoBuilding Bargains. “We wanted to be separate from other coffee shops and we wanted it to have more of a home-y feel. Having reused products and real wood I think really adds to that feel,” said Mr. Narvaez. Their countertops are constructed from salvaged wood planks and topped with a reclaimed bowling lane.

Counter made of reclaimed wood

In one of their many trips to see what types of items EcoBuilding Bargains had, they found these mini refrigerators perfect for storing creamers and other small items! They also found a salvaged single cabinet, which is very useful for storage both inside and on top.

Reclaimed mini fridge

reclaimed single cabinet

But Victor and Katie’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there! They have partnered with  RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts to learn more about how they can reduce food waste and plastic use. “We try to be as environmentally-conscious as we can…we’re aware of how much damage we can be a part of if we don’t catch on to how to be better. It’s a huge problem but we want to be part of a solution,” said Mrs. Narvaez. Goodworks Coffee House plans to do just that through donation of their extra baked goods to local food pantry, Margaret’s Kitchen. In doing this, they are able to divert a significant amount of their food waste and instead donate it to those in need. They also get all of their coffee beans from another sustainable local company, Monsoon Coffee Roastery. Stop by soon and try a cup for yourself!

Cup of coffee