Each year, the Center for EcoTechnology recruits and trains recent college graduates from across the country to join our EcoFellowship Program. After a year of trainings, projects, and many other experiences these EcoFellows are ready to take on some of the most pressing environmental challenges. Here are just a few of the incredible and impactful things they’ve accomplished:

Becky Kalish:

  • Updated the CET Style Guide and created a Marketing Addendum to help with consistent branding across our organization.
  • Lead classroom lessons about paper recycling in the Pittsfield elementary schools.

Jonathan Ruiz:

  • Gave presentations and workshops that engaged high school students in ways to make positive environmental impact.
  • Created and ran webinars for the Solar Access program.

    Jonathan unfortunately could not attend the graduation ceremony because he already began his new and exciting job in Washington D.C. 

Morgan Laner:

  • Wrote the technical assistance page for the Wasted Food Solutions website.
  • Discovered a Massachusetts small business that she could assist with a major mercury recovery.

Natasha Nurjadin:

  • Effectively provided new ideas for energy-efficiency that were implemented.
  • Worked with sustainability committees in towns across the state to educate residents on Solar Access.

Olivia Horwitz:

Friends, family, and colleagues gathered to celebrate all of their success with a small graduation ceremony at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment. CET President, John Majercak, spoke about the history of the EcoFellowship program and the impact that the Fellows have had across our organization. Diana Vasquez, an EcoFellow alumna from the class of 2016, then spoke about how her current role as the Bilingual Social Media Coordinator at the Union of Concerned Scientists was shaped by the EcoFellowship program:

Many of the skills that I gained during my time at CET, an organization that is grounded in practical steps, measuring outcomes, and meeting people where they are, continue to be incredibly useful even today at my current position with the Union of Concerned Scientists. Not to sound too dramatic, but had I not gone through the Ecofellowship, I’m not sure where I’d be today.

We are so proud of all that Becky, Olivia, Jonathan, Morgan, and Natasha accomplished this year, and look forward to seeing the impact that they will continue to make throughout their careers. We are also thrilled that Olivia and Morgan will be staying at CET and taking on new roles with the Program Operations team and EcoBuilding Bargains Sales and Marketing team. Congrats to the EcoFellowship class of 2019!



Olivia Horwitz (left) with her mentor Chiara Favaloro (right)

Morgan Laner (right) with her mentor Coryanne Mansell (left)

Becky Kalish (right) with her mentor Chiara Favaloro (left)

Natasha Nurjadin (left) with her mentor Casey Simpson (right)

EcoFellow Alumni from the classes of 2014-2019 reunite at the graduation ceremony.