It’s that time of year again!  With a new school year comes new opportunities to go green. Check out these ten easy ways to eliminate waste and save money this school year!

1. Pack your lunch in reusable containers.

Eliminate waste and save money by using glass or reusable plastic lunch containers instead of plastic bags or tin foil.8598690348_7d54cb7341_b

2. Upgrade that paper bag!

Buy a reusable lunchbox, it will keep your food fresher and reduce waste.

3. Reuse school supplies from last year.

Empty out those old binders and use them again!  Have an old notebook that you only used a few pages from?  Recycle the used pages and start fresh for the new school year.

4. Purchase school supplies made from recycled materials.

Choose notebooks made from recycled paper and pens made from recycled plastic bottles!

5. Make a list before you go shopping to reduce overbuying- you’ll save money and picreduce waste!

6. Ask teachers if you can e-mail in homework assignments whenever possible to save paper.

7. Buy your back to school clothes at a thrift store!

This saves energy, reduces textile waste, and saves you money!

8. Donate your old clothes.

Even clothes that are too old to wear can be recycled into rags through donation.

9. Carpool, walk, bike, or take the bus to school to reduce your carbon footprint!

10. Help your classroom go green by signing up for THE GREEN TEAM™!

THE GREEN TEAM™ is an interactive educational program that empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, recycling, composting, energy conservation and pollution prevention.  Learn more and sign up here!
green team