Get ready for those early mornings, packed lunches, and after school activities with this back-to-school organizer! We turned a reclaimed window into an organizer for your home. This project is kid-friendly, affordable, and shabby chic. This is a great project you can do with your kid(s) to get them excited for the new school year! We purchased reclaimed windows and chalk paint at EcoBuilding Bargains!


Materials Needed:

·         Window pane

·         Cork board

·         Cardboard

·         Construction paper

·         Chalk pens

·         Photographs 

·         Painters tape

·         Scissors

·         Paint brushes

·         Hot glue gun/glue sticks

·         Paint

·         X-Acto knife

Step One:

Clean your window panes and plan out how you want to arrange your window. We decided to use corkboard, cardboard (for a pocket), chalk paint and photos for decoration.  

Step Two: 

Section off the parts of the window you want to paint with painter’s tape. Once painted, let the paint dry.

Step Three: Corkboard

Take a piece of construction paper and fit it to the size of the window pane and cut accordingly.

With the construction paper cut to size, align it with the sheets of corkboard, and cut the corkboard to the proper size using an X-Acto knife.

Hot glue two pieces of cork board together.

Hot glue the corkboard to the window pane, press and hold for 15 seconds.

Step Four: Carboard Pocket

Measure the width of the window pane and cut cardboard accordingly. We used the flap of an old cardboard box.

Get a piece of construction paper and wrap the cardboard like a present, holding it together with an adhesive.

Hot glue the perimeter of the cardboard pocket and fit it into the window pane.

Depending on the weight of your window pane, hang it on a wall or display it on an entryway bench!

Get creative! For this window, we used chalk paint, chalk pens, and cut out images from an old calendar!

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