Q. Will the new base energy code require Home Energy (HERS) Ratings in all towns?

A. No, only towns that adopted the Stretch Code will require HERS ratings for new homes. HERS Ratings are also required for participation in the Mass Save New Construction Incentive Program.

Q. If a home meets the Stretch Energy Code requirements, will that confirm compliance with the base energy code?

A. No it will not. In addition to requiring an acceptable HERS certificate from homebuilders, local inspectors are responsible for verifying certain energy-related prescriptive requirements that the Stretch Code does not specify. CET’s workshops will clarify this further.

Q. How much tighter will my home need to be than those that I am currently building?

A. CET can help both existing and new clients estimate leakage on a typical project and discuss strategies for reducing air barrier leakage. If CET has already tested your homes, you can request previous leakage results by calling Customer Service 413.586.7350 x242. Or if you are new to envelope leakage testing with blower door, a CET rater can test a previously completed home or one in progress to inform you of your starting point.

Q. Will the current Stretch Energy Code also change on July 1?

A. The Department of Energy Resources and MA Board of Building Regulations and Standards plan to issue new requirements as soon as they are ready, but no date for this release has been set.