By Megan Denardo, Program Specialist


      Highland cattle bull drinking from an energy efficient waterer at Flat Rock Farm in Chesterfield. Photo by Ben Coe.

The beautiful Highland cattle that roam through the Berkshire terrain of Flat Rock Farm spend their lives in a humane and natural habitat. Just last month, Flat Rock Farm in Chesterfield, worked with Eversource and the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program (MFEP) to upgrade the outdoor watering system for their cattle. Both MFEP and Eversource helped fund the installation of an energy efficient waterer (pictured above), which ensures clean drinking water for the cattle throughout the winter and saves 5,164 kWh of electricity and over $800 per year!


                        Jonathan Parrott with his cattle at Flat Rock Farm in Chesterfield. Photo by Ben Coe.

Owners Jonathan and Kate Parrott strive to have their farm sustainably produce healthy products. The couple also intend to share their agricultural experiences and demystify food production. Coinciding with this mission, Flat Rock Farm has inspired two other neighboring farms to install energy efficient waterers for their animals as well! These three projects together will save over 36,000 kWh of electricity and $5,700 per year.


                                                               Highland Cattle at Flat Rock Farm. Photo by Ben Coe.

If your farm has a project in mind, is in need of an energy audit, or would like help identifying potential funding sources or writing applications, call the Massachusetts Farm Energy Program at 413-727-3090.