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The time has come for us to rethink our approach to food waste and implement accessible and innovative solutions to solve this critical issue 

Join The Center for Ecotechnology (CET) on September 6th at 10:00 AM for the second installment of our webinar series, “How NY Businesses Can Benefit from Food Recovery.” Part II will focus on three practical approaches to reduce food waste from the Food Recovery Hierarchy; animal feed, compost, and anaerobic digestion. 

When food goes uneaten, all the resources (energy, water, materials, money) that are required to produce, process, package, transport, store, and prepare it are wasted as well. This wasted food accounts for at least 8%opens PDF file of global greenhouse gas emissions (4% of U.S. annual emissions). By collaborating and sharing best practices, we can work towards a future where food waste is minimized at its source and no edible food goes to waste. 

Tune in on September 6th to discover the multitude of environmental and economic benefits associated with repurposing food waste as animal feed, learn about the replenishing wonders of composting for returning nutrients to depleted soils, and explore the potential of anaerobic digestion to generate renewable energy sources. These methods are beneficial for not only reducing unnecessary waste and potentially saving money but also can sequester carbon from the atmosphere. 

Attendees will hear from businesses engaging in food scraps diversion, including The Lone Duck Farm which receives barley rootlets for its piglets from the local brewer, Hudson Valley Malt, and Harney & Sons Fine Teas, a tea company developing an on-site composting operation that will take in all of the organic byproducts from its manufacturing operation. Engage with these industry leaders during the Q&A session and gain valuable insights on how to implement or expand a food waste reduction program at your business or in your community.  

Additionally, attendees will learn about the no-cost support available to businesses and institutions to address food waste through Rethink Food Waste NY. Our free assistance is flexible and always tailored to meet your specific organization’s needs.

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