By Willow Cohn, Outreach and Education EcoFellow

Have you been considering buying an electric vehicle (EV)? Well, now is the right time! In November 2016, Mass Energy launched
Drive Green, a limited-time electric vehicle discount program aiming to make choosing an EV easier. Mass Energy designed the program to include affordable, available, practical electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars. Anyone can participate and receive a discount to purchase or lease an EV at participating dealers. Drive Green is modeled after similar successful programs in Colorado and Utah and is an extension of buyers’ groups for energy consumers that Mass Energy has operated since 1982. Mass Energy is a Boston-based nonprofit working to harness the collective power of energy consumers to speed the transition to a low-carbon future. You can learn more about their programs here.

Why is right now a great time to buy an EV?


Dealerships participating in the Drive Green program are currently offering discounts as high as $14,000 off of the retail price. Additionally, federal and state incentives can cut your costs by up to $10,000 on top of the impressive discounts offered through Drive Green with Mass Energy. There is a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 in addition to state rebates; Massachusetts residents can receive a rebate of up to $2,500! The size of the rebate is tied to the range of the car when running on the electric battery. There are also rebates available for home charging devices in Massachusetts and for Eversource customers.

On top of the great discounts available now, having an EV will save you money long-term! EVs use far less energy than gasoline-powered vehicles, generally cost about a third as much as a gas-powered car to run, and have much lower maintenance costs. You can compare how much you’d save in your state by using the Department of Energy’s eGallon tool.

What cars are available?

Drive green is offering incredible discounts on 12 cars, five all-electric and seven hybrid models including:

This graphic is the latest information as of the date this blog was posted. For the most current information, click here.

You can view specs and compare the cars here. You can also view Mass Energy’s EV Shopper’s Guide here to help you get started on purchasing or leasing your new EV.

How can you participate?

First, choose your vehicle and fill out the sign-up form. Next, one or more dealers will contact you to answer your questions and schedule a test drive. Finally, buy or lease your new EV! It’s that simple! To review the steps to buy or lease your new EV through Drive Green with Mass Energy, review the Electric Vehicle Shopper’s Checklist.

You can also sign up for Mass Energy’s New England Wind program to green you ride with wind power and have the opportunity to drive a zero-emission vehicle. Sign up today!