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Climate change threatens our environment, health, and prosperity. Fortunately, we can
dramatically reduce this threat by becoming more energy efficient and using fewer materials in
our daily lives. CET engages with tens of thousands of people each year and, while they are more
motivated than ever to make real change, they often lack the information and tools needed to
take action. We’re committed to putting the power for change into the hands of people from every
walk of life and strengthening our community, economy, and environment.

In a time riddled with uncertainty, it’s essential that we recognize that each of us has the power to
make a difference.

We know that every positive action we take right now is critical to make meaningful reductions in our carbon footprint and help reach the crucial milestones needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.
We’re working across the region to connect people and businesses with practical solutions that make a measurable impact. Together we can increase prosperity and well-being and ensure that future generations can enjoy a healthy, sustainable life.

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Your legacy gift to the Center for EcoTechnology makes a powerful impact on our ability to provide people with the resources and motivation to take action to curb the impact of climate change, ensuring the health and sustainability of our community for generations to come.