For some people, February is a month full of dreary winter days and anguish over never-ending slush on the ground. For others, it’s excitement over the days beginning to get longer and the anticipation of spring. For yet others, it’s a month of looking forward to Valentine’s Day. This holiday is often full of loving surprises, beautiful flower bouquets, and an assortment of candies. Yet, like many other holidays, this day is also dominated by industries who sell products that are bound to end up in the trash. Valentine’s Day, however, does not need to be a drain on the environment. Read on to hear some creative DIY gift ideas and get your eco-friendly crafting juices flowing!

Cardboard Heart Cards

Instead of buying cards at a store, why not create some of your own from materials at home? Pictured below is a cardboard heart cutout design, and makes for a pretty card to give someone. This is just one of many ways to reuse household products for cards—you could also use old magazines or newspapers, among other things!

A Rocky Craft

Get creative with the materials that come straight from our very own planet earth. We love this idea of stones turned into an endearing piece of art. You can also use products like pine cones, sticks, or even dirt! See where your mind can take you! This is a great activity for kids as well.

Food Love

What better way to surprise someone after a long day than by making them homemade heart shaped cookies? This gift idea is not only fun, but also good for the environment, as it does not require going out to buy plastic, harmful products. You can turn all sorts of other food items into heart shapes!

Yarn Design

Have extra yarn lying around your house? Why not turn it into a fun heart design? This yarn ball pictured below would make a great gift for someone, and it is using products you already have!

We hope that these DIY crafts will give you some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts—you will also feel great about them since they are protecting the environment!