If you have scrap wood leftover from a remodeling project, this DIY bookshelf craft is perfect so that your wood won’t go to waste! We got our reclaimed wood scraps and paint from EcoBuilding Bargains!


  • Woods of varying sizes
  • Paint & brushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Strong adhesive (wood glue, glue gun)



1- Clean the surfaces of your wood pieces to rid of any debris.

2- Paint the wood pieces with the color(s) of your choosing.

3- Let the paint dry and then paint a second coat. If you want, paint the two sides of the wood different colors so that you have a more striking shelf.

4- Glue together your wood pieces to make the bookshelf by putting glue along the overlapping edges. 

5- Let the glue dry completely, place your books in the bookshelf, and enjoy!