We’re excited to share that the US EPA is awarding seven local New England organizations with recognition for their work keeping wasted food out of landfills and incinerators and putting it to better use, and we’re one of them! The awards are part of the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC). In challenging times like these, it’s even more important to divert wasted food to feed hungry people, reduce carbon, create jobs, and forge ahead to preserve the health of our community and planet. Our deepest gratitude to our partners who are helping us persevere in this work during unprecedented times.

CET received the award for our work with Connecticut state agencies to produce “Food Donation by Connecticut Schools,” a document with guidelines to help K-12 schools identify opportunities to donate food internally and externally. CET collaborated with state agencies to ensure consistency across agency policies. We were able to keep 150,000 tons of food waste out of the trash, facilitate the donation of 21,000,000 meals and avoid approximately 170,000 tons of C02 emissions since 2013. You can learn more about our work to find and implement wasted food solutions on our Wasted Food Solutions website.

“CET is honored to receive this recognition for our work to reduce wasted food in partnership with EPA and many Connecticut and Hartford government agencies and businesses. The pioneering work among these partners is helping to advance better management of wasted food as a regular way of doing business in the region and across the country.” – John Majercak, CET president


Learn how a class project at Middlebrook Middle School in 2016 inspired their cafeteria’s food waste diversion program and transformed the Wilton School District in Wilton, CT.