By Morgan O’Connor, Marketing & High Performance Building Fellow

Tomorrow, November 28, join the worldwide movement and give back to your community by participating in Giving Tuesday! This international celebration of giving has already raised $177,000,000 across 98 different countries, and the day has not even arrived yet! Tomorrow as people come together to give what they can to influential charities and organizations, we hope that you keep in mind the Center for EcoTechnology, and the work we do in your communities.

One of the best ways to get involved is at the local level. Here at the Center for EcoTechnology, we help our community make green make sense! Last year our outreach and education team connected with over 3,400 people around western Massachusetts. We traveled to 119 events, reaching from the Berkshires to Boston, helping people to save money and find even more ways to be environmentally conscious. We love the work that we do, but as a non-profit we need help doing it.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 this Giving Tuesday to continue to support our EcoFellowship program and our education and outreach work. Please help us by making a contributionThis is how your donation helps:Giving Tuesday Where Your Money Goes

Let us know how you make green make sense in your community by using #GivingTuesday. We look forward to participating in this wonderful campaign of charitable giving, and hope you will consider making a contribution on our Facebook page to our work on November 28. Thank you for your support!