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CET Continues Providing Wasted Food Assistance in Rhode Island

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With Support from 11th Hour Racing and the EPA, the Center for EcoTechnology Continues to Help Rhode Island Businesses Adopt Wasted Food Solutions For several years, the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) has been working with Rhode Island businesses and institutions to help them implement strategies for reducing their wasted food, with funding from

What to Do With Your Old Decorations

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While the holidays bring fun and festive cheer, they also bring a massive amount of waste. Between November and December, 25% more waste, or an extra 1 million tons of waste per week, enters the American waste stream. Once your holiday celebrations are over, you might have decorations left over that you don’t know

Greenwich Food Matters Challenge

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In Connecticut, nearly a quarter of the waste stream is composed of food. Once disposed of, this waste further contributes to the creation of greenhouse gas emissions. To address this issue, Waste Free Greenwich (WFG) and CET teamed up to launch the Greenwich Food Matters Challenge. The goal of the challenge was to help

Reducing Wasted Food in Rhode Island

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Wasting food is a major problem for our environment, economy, and communities, especially when so many families are food insecure. CET acts as a catalyst nationwide to accelerate the development of a vibrant marketplace aimed at diverting wasted food from the commercial and institutional sectors. In Rhode Island, CET works directly with businesses to

Eating a Low-Carbon Diet

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This Earth Day, celebrate sustainability with your plate! Even though we feel like every day should be Earth Day, today is a good reminder of all the things we can do to help the planet. Recent studies estimate that our global food system, the complex web of industries involved in producing, transporting, and marketing food

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