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Rockywold Deephaven Camps Embraces Sustainable Food Waste Management

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Nestled on the serene shores of Squam Lake in Holderness, New Hampshire, Rockywold Deephaven Camps have been offering guests a haven of nature and relaxation for over 125 years. The picturesque landscape and array of recreational activities draw visitors seeking solace in the great outdoors. However, serving over 500 people three times a day, seven

How Are Rhode Island Businesses Tackling Surplus Food?

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In Rhode Island, over 100,000 tons of food enter landfills each year. At the same time, nearly 1 in 3 households in the state can’t afford adequate food. When businesses reduce their surplus food, donate edible surplus, and divert food scraps from the waste stream, it can have dramatic environmental and economic impacts. Earlier

Press Release: New Seasons Market Combats Wasted Food

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Can you upcycle rotisserie chicken? With sustainability at front of mind, New Seasons Market and its 19 locations started implementing wasted food tracking and diversion strategies in 2021. Since then, efforts have grown from simply tracking wasted food, to implementing strategies to reduce waste, including repurposing rotisserie chicken and piloting upcycling programs for ground

The Compost Chronicles: Colgate University

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By Lisa Pellegrino Tucked away in a rural village in upstate New York is a private liberal arts college with a storied past, mysterious lore about the number 13, and loyal alumni that include famous names like journalist Chris Hedges, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, and political journalist Gloria Borger. All. Or Nothing.

Martha’s Vineyard: One Home, Ten Tons of Materials Diverted from Landfills. Final Report.

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Executive Summary CET, Vineyard Vision Fellowship, South Mountain Company, WasteNot, The Green Mission, RecyclingWorks in MA and Carroll’s Trucking collaborated to deliver a deconstruction project that diverts the maximum amount of building materials through the disassembly of one home on Martha’s Vineyard. This pilot establishes a model for streamlining the recovery of residential building

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