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Berkshire Eagle: Solar Access program a ‘game-changer’ – just ask this Adams homeowner

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"Noyes owes his energy-saving success to being the first person to enroll in Solar Access. The year-old state-sponsored initiative is designed to make solar energy more affordable for middle- and low-income households..." Read the full article here Learn more about the Solar Access program:

Solar for Low to Middle Income Households

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Rooftop solar is steadily growing in popularity throughout the country, but especially in Massachusetts. Due in part to decreasing costs, solar panels provide benefits to homeowners and renters alike. For homeowners, installing solar PV helps them save on their electricity bills and reduce their carbon emissions. Renters can buy into community solar programs that can

Barrington Brewery Solar Hot Water Installation

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 Watch this video to hear more about the solar hot water installation at Barrington Brewery! Since 1995, Barrington Brewery has been serving their own Barn Brewed Beer and food made from scratch. Barrington Brewery was the first brewery on the east coast to install a solar panel that supplies solar-heated hot water for brewing

Auburn Court Solar Hot Water Installation

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 Watch this video to hear more about the solar hot water installation at Homeowner's Rehab Inc.! This past October a solar hot water heating system was installed at the Homeowner’s Rehab Inc. Auburn Court development, a private non-profit housing corporation in Cambridge, MA that works to provide affordable housing in multi-family dwellings. They are