High Performance Building: Blower Door Tests

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High Performance Building Here at the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) we have a dedicated High Performance Building team that guides residents and builders through the process of energy efficient building for renovations, additions, and new building projects. Our team looks at blueprints and plans and guides builders and contractors along to help them reach their

Going for [LEED] Gold: The Clarion Residential Community

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The Clarion, a new residential community, is located in the culturally vibrant neighborhood of Grove Hall and Roxbury in downtown Boston. From the outside, it looks just like any other new, chic apartment building, but there’s more to this building than meets the eye. The Clarion, built by The Community Builders, is LEED Certified Gold.

Get a Jump on Air Source Heat Pumps!

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In New England, heating our homes can become a lifestyle, whether it be chopping wood to stoke the fire, or incessantly monitoring the thermostat – we care about how much energy we use and know we’ve done well when we can see the change on our utility bills. That’s why Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs)

Sustainability Dream Team Releases Sports Venue Survey

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By Kevin Pink, Customer Service & Marketing Assistant The American sports world is pretty busy right now. Major League Baseball is barreling down the stretch toward the playoffs, and the NFL has just kicked off another season; the NHL and NBA begin their preseasons in a few weeks. Amongst all the talk of teams and

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