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Press Release: The Center for EcoTechnology Helps Kneads Bakery, Café, and Mill Implement Waste Reduction Practices

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Throughout 2022, Kneads Bakery, Café, and Mill received assistance from the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) in furthering their sustainability practices, resulting in the diversion of approximately 90 pounds of food waste weekly from disposal – which translates to roughly 75 meals for our community. Read more about their progress below.

Sustainability in Healthcare: Connecticut Valley Hospital

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In 2019 the state of Connecticut enacted Executive Order 1 which involved goals for state institutions to reduce waste through an expanded "Lead by Example" sustainability initiative. In an effort to expand sustainability in healthcare, food waste diversion was identified as a way for healthcare institutions, such as Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH), to successfully

How the University of New Haven Reduced Food Waste and Expenses

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The University of New Haven has a robust set of waste reduction programs in place, such as donating surplus edible food, composting organic waste, and engaging students and staff in the program by providing hands-on education and coordinating interactive events. Thanks to these efforts, the University is saving over $10,000 per year. While they

Village Market: An Example of Waste Reduction in Action

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In 2019 U.S. businesses generated approximately 50 million tons of surplus food – the equivalent of 80 billion meals, representing a $244 billion loss across the food service, retail, manufacturing, and farm sectors (ReFED). Food makes up over 20% of all waste disposed of in Connecticut and represents the single biggest opportunity to divert

Kneads Bakery, Café, and Mill’s Perfect Recipe for Waste Reduction

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Right off Interstate 95, moments from the Saugatuck River, in Westport, Connecticut, sits Kneads Bakery, Café, and Mill. Kneads is all about local ingredients, quality food, and community. They began their own recycling efforts to reduce and divert waste wherever possible, but knew they wanted to do more. Sustainable Westport connected Kneads with the

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