The EcoFellowship Experience: Olivia Horwitz

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The last semester of college was a very nerve-wracking, yet exciting time for me. I was overwhelmed with what I would do after college and how I was going to make it as a young professional in the environmental field. I was studying Environmental and Urban Studies with a focus in food systems and agriculture

The EcoFellowship Experience: Morgan Laner

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About halfway through my senior year of college, I felt slightly panicked. I was completing a degree in environmental studies and sociology at Rollins College and realized that I had no idea what my next steps were. In this period of uncertainty, I came across the Center for EcoTechnology’s EcoFellowship program. It was the perfect

The EcoFellowship Experience: Jonathan Ruiz

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Hello! My name is Jonathan Ruiz and I am an EcoFellow at the Center for EcoTechnology. I graduated last April from the University of Michigan with a degree in Environmental Science. My desire to work in the environment started when I took an Environmental Sustainability class in high school. From then on I wanted to

The EcoFellowship Experience: Becky Kalish

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Hello! My name is Becky Kalish and I am a Communications EcoFellow at the Center for EcoTechnology. I graduated last May from Oberlin College with degrees in Environmental Studies and Viola Performance. I have loved living in Northampton and being surrounded by people both passionate about the environment as well as music and the arts!

The EcoFellow Experience: Natasha Nurjadin

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If you’re like me when I was in college, you love the environment but have no idea how to convert this passion into a real career. I knew that out of college, I wanted to work somewhere meaningful and where I could develop skills, but not at the expense of a solid career track. Thus,