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Greening the Grid in Massachussetts

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In the past few decades, average global temperatures have climbed sharply. Studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activity. Ninety-seven percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree with this statement. Graph of global temperature rise per year from NASA

How to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

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By Morgan O’Connor, Sustainability Fellow The EPA cites the transportation industry as the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the U.S. at 27% of all emissions, second only to electricity production at 29%. Although this statistic includes commercial airplanes, ships, trains, and freight trucks, the largest contributors are the cars that we

Drive Green with Mass Energy’s Electric Vehicle Discount Program!

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By Willow Cohn, Outreach and Education EcoFellow Have you been considering buying an electric vehicle (EV)? Well, now is the right time! In November 2016, Mass Energy launched Drive Green, a limited-time electric vehicle discount program aiming to make choosing an EV easier. Mass Energy designed the program to include affordable, available, practical electric and

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