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Press Release: New Seasons Market Combats Wasted Food

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Can you upcycle rotisserie chicken? With sustainability at front of mind, New Seasons Market and its 19 locations started implementing wasted food tracking and diversion strategies in 2021. Since then, efforts have grown from simply tracking wasted food, to implementing strategies to reduce waste, including repurposing rotisserie chicken and piloting upcycling programs for ground

Martha’s Vineyard: One Home, Ten Tons of Materials Diverted from Landfills. Final Report.

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Executive Summary CET, Vineyard Vision Fellowship, South Mountain Company, WasteNot, The Green Mission, RecyclingWorks in MA and Carroll’s Trucking collaborated to deliver a deconstruction project that diverts the maximum amount of building materials through the disassembly of one home on Martha’s Vineyard. This pilot establishes a model for streamlining the recovery of residential building

opens in a new windowNew London Public Schools’ Sustainability Journey

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By Lisa Pellegrino Being a steward of the earth is Samantha Wilson's passion. As New London Public Schools' Director of the Child Nutrition Program, she works hard to make the highest and best use of the district's kitchens, which serve 3,300+ students. During the pandemic, Sam and her team ensured students were fed free

What to Do With Your Old Decorations

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While the holidays bring fun and festive cheer, they also bring a massive amount of waste. Between November and December, 25% more waste, or an extra 1 million tons of waste per week, enters the American waste stream. Once your holiday celebrations are over, you might have decorations left over that you don’t know

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