From dorm rooms to classrooms, living on a college campus provides many opportunities to be more eco-friendly. Here are 10 practical and affordable ways to do just that:

1. Take class notes electronically

Don’t waste money and paper on buying notebooks, use your laptop or tablet for note-taking instead!

2. Borrow instead of buying more

One of the perks of living so close to your friends is that you can share or swap clothes and other items instead of buying new ones.

3. Rent your textbooks

Textbooks can be very expensive, and are you really going to need it after this semester? There are lots of websites such as,, and that provide a rental service for a fraction of the cost of buying one!

4. Stop buying plastic water bottles 

Buy a reusable bottle and refill it as much as you can to stay hydrated. There will be water fountains and dining hall drink dispensers around campus for a quick refill. You also can purchase a water filter pitcher to keep in your fridge.

5. Go trayless and meatless

Limit food waste by only taking what you can carry, rather than piling lots of food on a tray. You can also reduce food waste, and your carbon footprint, by having a meat-free day at least once a week.

6. Use a power strip

Plug all of your chargers and electronics into one power strip, such as a “Smart Power Strip,” and hit the off switch when not in use.

7. Walk or bike 

Cutting down on driving will help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, save you gas money, and keep you healthy amidst all that late-night pizza.

8. Print less or double-sided

Whenever possible, use a computer or tablet to read a long document or article and bookmark it for easy accessibility later. If you must print, at least make sure it’s double-sided!

9. Get involved 

Join, or start, a sustainability club on your campus. You can also speak to your student government or campus sustainability office about ways to help make your campus more green!

10. Skip the dryer

Chances are, using your campus laundry machines is not cheap. So purchase a drying rack instead! Let your clothes air-dry to reduce energy, keep your clothes from shrinking, and save some money.

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