Watch this video to hear more about the solar hot water installation at Homeowner’s Rehab Inc.!

This past October a solar hot water heating system was installed at the Homeowner’s Rehab Inc. Auburn Court development, a private non-profit housing corporation in Cambridge, MA that works to provide affordable housing in multi-family dwellings. They are committed to renewable energy, and took advantage of a scheduled rehab of the Cambridge property to install a new solar hot water system. The solar hot water system was designed for eight residential affordable housing units within the corporation.


Solar hot water systems capture heat from sunlight and circulate the thermal energy to a hot water tank. Solar hot water reduces the usage of traditional water heating fuels, such as oil, electricity, or propane, saving consumers money on their energy bill (Mass Clean Energy Center).

Program Specialist Megan Denardo speaking at Auburn Court with New England Solar Hot Water Architect John Moore.

At Auburn Court, the solar hot water system, which provides about 60% of the hot water needs of the residents, was designed and installed by John Moore and New England Solar Hot Water. NESHW was recommended to Homeowner’s Rehab by New Ecology Inc., a non-profit sustainable development consultant. As you can see, this project requires multiple groups and skill sets coming together to accomplish one goal.

In the end, Homeowner’s Rehab was able to utilize not only MassCEC rebates to help defray the cost, but also take advantage of selling Alternative Energy Credits (AECs), a process that NESHW helped them navigate. Homeowner’s rehab is very pleased with their solar hot water array, not only because of the cost savings, but also because it helps them continue to be a leader in sustainability and furthers their mission of providing safe, healthy, and efficient housing.

If you are interested in switching to solar hot water, click here or call 413-341-3865 to learn more about the Commonwealth Solar Hot Water program.