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Paulina is a participant in the Solar Access program. Here she is with her children outside their home.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new program: Solar Access! With support from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Department of Energy Resources, we are able to offer affordable, renewable energy for your community.

What is Solar Access and how will I benefit?

Solar Access is a program for middle-income homeowners in Massachusetts. Working with an energy expert, you will be guided through the program, which adds a special Solar Access incentive to the existing combination of electric utility, state, and federal incentives for renewable energy. By enrolling in a UMassFive College Credit Union loan, you will own your solar panels and a heat pump and will pay less than you spend now.Solar Access Center for EcoTechnologyopens IMAGE file

What do you get from Solar Access?

  • Solar panel ownership
  • An energy efficient heating and cooling system
  • You will pay less than you spend now

What financial incentives are available?

  • Federal level: 30% solar tax credit
  • State level: 10% solar tax credit, MassCEC heat pump rebate, low interest Mass Solar Loan with a 30% principal reduction of up to $10,500 after installation
  • Electric utility: Solar SMART incentives, Mass Save heat pump rebate, no interest HEAT loan
  • Solar Access: First 6 months of payments made for you

Why do I need both solar panels and a heating and cooling system?

Photovoltaic solar panels convert sunlight into electricity to power your house without any pollution or carbon emissions. Heat pumps use electricity to very efficiently heat and cool your home. This program requires both to be installed because the solar panels will be able to provide energy for both heating and cooling, thus saving you money that can then be used towards your solar panels, making your cash flow net-positive!

To find out if you can benefit from Solar Access, click here!

To learn more about our program chat with a specialist online or call us at 413.341.0418!