Building a Sustainable Future

This blog post is an overview of our recent Building a Sustainable Future virtual event. A recording of the event can be found at the bottom of this page. How we choose to design and build the buildings of the future will have a major impact on energy use and occupant wellbeing. In the

SpiritHouse Music: Sustainable Renovations are Their Jam

Located in Northampton, MA is the unique and creative SpiritHouse Music recording studio. SpiritHouse Music is a music production company with a recording studio, and has been around for about 20 years.  They work with artists from all over, and even have had some of their collaborators stay in their studio – prior to the

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The Future of Sustainable Building

Historically, most tall buildings have been built out of concrete, steel, and glass. These materials are strong, widely available, and easy to work with; especially concrete which will take the shape of any mold you pour it into. Buildings have also been growing taller since the early 1900s thanks to new methods that improved the

Ashley Muspratt – Director of Innovation

Ashley Muspratt, Director of Innovation, joined CET in 2018. In this role, she identifies strategic and emerging opportunities across CET’s focus areas and works with the President and other Directors to set priorities and bring opportunities to fruition. She has broad experience with the organization’s nation-leading wasted food programming, building sector decarbonization, and deconstruction. She

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EcoFellowship Experience: Ozette Ostrow

When I saw the EcoFellowship position, I think I audibly gasped. It looked like the perfect opportunity to turn my passion for the environment into meaningful work. It seemed to be a great launch pad for a career in the environmental field; especially considering that, when I applied, I still had no idea what I

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