Learn about what some of our alumni are up to in these video spotlights!

Where Are They Now?

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Morgan O’Connor ’18

“The EcoFellowship is the perfect stepping stone for any college graduate hoping to make a difference in the environment. Our college experiences have a tough time preparing us for the ins and outs of what it really means to work in the environmental sector, and CET provides a place to explore the non-profit side of this work”.

Morgan currently works at CET as a program specialist.

Shelby Kuenzli ’18

“The EcoFellowship is a great experience and allows you to grow and learn in a professional, welcoming environment”.

Shelby currently works as an Associate Analyst at E Source in Boulder, CO.

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Chiara Favaloro ’17

“The EcoFellowship taught me many important marketing and communication skills for my career and provided the perfect learning environment as my first job out of college. It was incredible to have a combination of autonomy and guidance on various projects that promote the meaningful work of CET.”

Chiara currently works at CET as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

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Matt Brodeur ’17

“As the Green Business Fellow at CET, I played a hands-on role in our food waste, recycling, and energy efficiency programs. One of the biggest lessons I learned in the fellowship is the importance of state policy to effectively tackle these important issues. After the fellowship, I decided to get involved in state government so that I could work on environmental issues from a policy perspective”.
Matt currently works as the Field Director for the Massachusetts State Senate campaign.

Winn Costantini ’17

“The fellowship helped me to solidify my goal to have a career in the environmental field, specifically focused on climate change mitigation. Everyone I worked with at CET gave me a balance of guidance and responsibility, which was an incredible way to begin the transition from student to professional after graduating from college.”

Winn currently works as an Assistant for the Investor Network at Ceres in Boston, MA.

Coryanne Mansell ’16

“The fellowship helped me navigate the environmental field and provided the direction needed to take the next step in my career. Specifically, the CET fellowship exposed me to the tangible ways businesses can make a difference in reducing wasted food around the country.”

Coryanne currently works at CET as a Program Specialist.

Claire Gerner ’16

“The Fellowship helped me to build upon my skills and to challenge me to step into new roles. I appreciated the collaborative environment of the program and the professional connections I made during the Fellowship.”

Claire currently works at CLEAResult as an Associate Marketing Account Manager in Westborough, MA.

Kelsey Colpitts ’16

“The fellowship at CET helped me recognize I wanted to pursue a career in Marketing. I learned essential strategies to promote the mission and services of an organization that led me to apply for a position with another community-based, non-profit organization.”

Kelsey currently works as the Marketing Manager at Bikeshare Hawaii (Biki).

Diana Vasquez ’17

“CET’s fellowship helped me hone in on my skills as well as build new ones. It helped me gain the confidence I needed to create, implement, and own my projects.”

Diana currently works as a Bilingual Social Media Coordinator at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Nate Shuler ’15

“Almost everything I was exposed to at CET is relevant to the role I have now in consulting.”

Nate currently works as a Sustainability Associate at Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Servicesopens IMAGE file .

Sonja Favaloro ’15

“The Fellowship prepared me for my career in environmental marketing because it helped me discover a way to channel my passion for environmentalism into a practical skill set that has enabled me to build a successful career in the sustainability field.”

Sonja currently works as a Senior Marketing Associate at BuildingGreen in Brattleboro, VT.

Julia Giordano ’14

“I think our greatest environmental challenge is still a lack of education on these topics. I learned so much at CET; I feel better equipped to make more sound decisions when it  comes to my energy use and waste production.”

Julia currently works at Cradles to Crayons in Chicago, IL.

Casey Simpson ’14

“With each new generation, more and more creative ideas emerge to decrease a growing number of people’s environmental impact, as well as encourage the population to get outside and learn why the movement is so important.”

Casey currently works at CET as a Program Lead.

Heather Merhi ’14

“CET was my first encounter with the working world in the energy/sustainability space. The Ecofellowship helped clarify that that was the space I wanted to continue in.”

Heather now works as a contractor for Next Grid, where she works on monetizing and trading energy credits, among other roles.

Trey McCain ’13

“I had the opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of my skills. It prepared me for work with a variety of clients, personalities and perspectives.”

After his fellowship, Trey and his wife launched Triskelion Media.

Annie Stilts ’14

“I can’t say enough good things about how CET helped me get to where I am today.”

After he fellowship, Annie became an Environmental Scientist for Boeing in Renton and Seattle, WA

Emma Kerr ’12

“I work to align the culture, operation, and conduct of Smith College with the principles of sustainable development.”

After her fellowship, Emma became the Campus Sustainability Coordinator for Smith College.

Carl Mierek ’12

“The skills you gain are very useful no matter what career path participants take.”

After his fellowship, Carl became the chef and owner of a small diversified organic farm.

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