The EcoFellowship Program

“The EcoFellowship position is a great transition between college and career and I continue to learn and grow each and every day. The staff at CET are friendly, helpful, and hard-working, and I genuinely enjoy my work at CET. I am incredibly thankful for the experience to make a measurable impact on the community around me…”

Avery Cross, EcoFellow '18

“Coming right out of college, I think it is unusual to find a job where you are involved in such a wide variety of work experiences, and where your goals and interests are so closely paid attention to. The EcoFellowship is a wonderful transition between college and career, and we are given a perfect combination of guidance and individual ownership of the work we do. Everyone at CET really cares about our growth both as environmentalists and human beings.”

Becky Kalish, EcoFellow '19

“I truly could not ask for a better first step in my career right out of college. CET has given me an incredible balance of responsibility and impact along with mentorship and training.”

Winn Costantini , EcoFellow '17

“The Fellowship is an amazing opportunity to learn more about energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other sustainability-related work while honing professional skills and experience. The Fellowship is unique in that it offers a great balance between working full-time autonomously, and gaining more insight, and allowing me to explore what I am passionate about within the environmental field. All while working alongside some incredibly supportive and compassionate coworkers!”

Ozette Ostrow , EcoFellow '21

“I am so thankful to CET and having the EcoFellowship experience. It has been so helpful to have a solid understanding of communications and graphic design in my current role. I also love how close my EcoFellow cohort still is! All 5 of us catch up every few months and it has been helpful, both now and during our Fellowship, to have a group of peers who support each other not only in our personal lives but also while expanding our careers and taking the next steps in our lives.”

Aliza Heeren, EcoFellow '17

“I joined the EcoFellowship to be exposed to new careers in sustainability and gain skills I need to keep moving forward…If being a future environmental leader is your goal, the EcoFellowship is a great stepping stone to catalyze your career!”

Willow Cohn, EcoFellow '18

“This Fellowship has set a standard for me on how work environments should operate; everyone is kind, helpful, supportive, and non-judgmental, while at the same time producing work efficiently and professionally. To be trusted with so much responsibility in an entry-level job is rare, so to have that privilege at CET has helped me grow both personally and professionally.”

Olivia Horwitz, EcoFellow '19

“This EcoFellowship has allowed me to create my own experience and really tailor it to my interests. CET really cares about what we are interested in and helps us achieve those goals.”

Natasha Nurjadin, EcoFellow '19

“This Fellowship was been full of rewarding experiences, from professional development days to presentations, from laughs with coworkers to conference days. As EcoFellows, we were continually attaining new skills, exposed to networking opportunities, and welcomed by coworkers.”

Coryanne Mansell , EcoFellow '16

“The EcoFellowship is such a unique opportunity compared to other jobs or internships because we are given a great deal of responsibility and held to high expectations, while also given guidance and support while we learn new skills. I feel very lucky to be a part of such an amazing program!”

Chiara Favaloro, EcoFellow '17

“This paid, 10-month program is a great way to gain valuable skills and experience related to energy efficiency, resource conservation, and sustainability, as well as guidance in career planning and professional development.”

Brittney Topel, EcoFellow '16

“Unlike traditional entry-level positions, I’m getting the opportunity to work on impactful projects up close and in detail. The transparent and encouraging environment at CET has allowed me to understand the value of a collaborative and well-networked community.”

Morgan Laner, EcoFellow '19

“This Fellowship has many opportunities that have allowed me to figure out what I want to do with my education and future career. The greatest thing about the Fellowship is how it is a year long. If I decide to further my career in the environment, not only do I have the professional experience, but I have gained new skills and immensely increased my professional development. The entire experience of being an EcoFellow is unique, engaging, and above all amazing!”

Jonathan Ruiz, EcoFellow '19

“The professional development opportunities and career guidance differentiate the EcoFellowship from any regular job, just as the level of work that EcoFellows are trusted with set it apart from a typical internship. Being an EcoFellow means having a support system of CET staff around you that are determined to help you become a leader in the environmental field.”

Matt Brodeur , EcoFellow '17

“The EcoFellowship is a once in a lifetime opportunity that gives you the responsibility of a full-time job and the freedom to explore your career interests. It was an amazing jumping-off point for my career and gave me access to an entire network of people who have helped me along the way. I definitely would not be where I am today without the EcoFellowship Program!”

Brian Premo, EcoFellow '20

About the Program & Application Process

At CET we make green make sense. As an EcoFellow, you help us create measureable impact. EcoFellows work cross-organizationally, with a specific focus on community outreach & engagement, communications, and our EcoBuilding Bargains reclaimed materials store. The EcoFellowship is a remote position, with in-person work optional depending on CDC guidelines.

Application Process:

  • We begin accepting applications in January. Applications are accepted directly through our careers page.
  • Candidates submit a cover letter, resume, and a ~200-word writing sample.
  • Selected candidates have a brief informational interview and overview, followed by an interview with the hiring committee.

Professional Development:

  • Two-week orientation
  • Monthly professional development opportunities
  • Opportunity to attend conferences
  • Networking and career development

EcoFellowship Salary and Benefits:

The EcoFellowship pays $15 an hour for 40 hours a week (for the duration of the program), with an additional $2,000 bonus at the completion of the program. Benefits include: health insurance; paid sick, holiday and vacation; 403(b); supplies and mileage reimbursement, as well as a cell phone reimbursement plan.

Applications for the 2021-2022 EcoFellowship Program are Now Closed

The EcoFellowship Program is an 11-month paid position to work with CET staff and other EcoFellows to carry out a range of activities related to climate action initiatives and educational programming. 

EcoFellows support CET’s initiatives to assist residents, students, institutions and businesses across the region in ongoing programs in energy efficiency, home energy services, renewable energy, and waste reduction through recycling, reuse and composting. 

The EcoFellowship is a remote position, with the opportunity for optional in-person work depending on safety guidelines.

EcoFellowship Alumni

EcoFellows work across the country in a variety of positions. Here are where just a few have ended up.

Ozette Ostrow ’21

Jared Shein ’21

Molly Craft ’20

Belén Rodríguez ’20

Brian Premo ’20

Maeghan Klinker ’20

Jonathan Ruiz ’19

Natasha Nurjadin ’19

Morgan Laner ’19

Shelby Kuenzli ’18

Winn Costantini ’17

Chiara Favaloro ’17

Diana Vasquez ’16

Kelsey Colpitts ’16

Claire Gerner ’16

Jenny Goldberg ’15

Nathan Shuler ’15

Sarah Hebert ’14

Heather Merhi-Mathews ’14

Katelyn Tsukada ’13

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