The EcoFellowship Program

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The EcoFellowship Program is a one-year paid fellowship position to work with CET staff and other EcoFellows to carry out a range of activities related to climate action initiatives and educational programming in western Massachusetts.

EcoFellows support CET’s initiatives to assist residents, students, institutions and businesses across the region in ongoing programs in energy efficiency, home energy services, renewable energy, and waste reduction through recycling, reuse and composting. Fellows are based in CET’s Northampton location and serve communities in the region.

Meet our 2019-2020 EcoFellows

Valeria Bridgewater

“The fellowship is a great first job after college since it involves mentorship, shadowing, career development, and networking opportunities.”


“The EcoFellowship seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to continue pursuing my passion for sustainability…. I am excited to continue down this path and to put my energy into meaningful work.”

Belén Rodriguez

“I knew that I would be able to combine my interests in the social impacts of science, the environment, and analytics at CET.”

Maeghan Klinker

“I am passionate about storytelling and the environment, making this position an excellent opportunity to combine those interests while promoting sustainability and helping to encourage positive change.”


“The EcoFellowship is right up my alley, combining both practical and functional solutions around reducing waste and energy efficiency, with community education.”


This video was produced by Olivia Horwitz, EcoFellowship class of 2018.

About the Program & Application Process

At CET we make green make sense. As an EcoFellow, you help us create measureable impact. EcoFellows work cross-organizationally, and are also given specific areas of focus:

  • Building Science: Shadowing Projects | Professional Trainings | Content Generation and Case Studies

    EcoFellows in Downtown Greenfield, MA for professional development.

  • Program Operations: Waste-Reduction Program Assistance | Energy-Efficiency Trainings | Impact Reporting
  • Communications: Social Media Management | Video Production | Graphic Design | Content Generation
  • Community Outreach & Education: Tabling | Presentations | Educational Outreach | Data Tracking and Reporting

Application Process

  • Applications are accepted January – mid-February. Applications are accepted directly through our careers page.
  • Candidates must provide a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample describing something they are passionate about and why (200-word limit).

Interview Process:

  • Initial interviews begin late February through early March by phone
  • Second interviews will be scheduled throughout March (in-person interviews strongly suggested)
  • Position placements are offered in April

EcoFellowship Salary and Benefits:

  • The EcoFellowship pays $14 an hour for 40 hours a week (for the duration of the program), with an additional $2,000 bonus at the completion of the program. Benefits include: health insurance; paid sick, holiday and vacation; 403(b), supplies and mileage reimbursement.

Professional Development:

  • Two-week orientation
  • Monthly professional development opportunities
  • Opportunity to attend conferences
  • Networking and career development

EcoFellowship Alumni

EcoFellows work across the country in a variety of positions. Here are where just a few have ended up.

Becky Kalish ’19

Olivia Horwitz ’19

Jonathan Ruiz ’19

Natasha Nurjadin ’19

Morgan Laner ’19

Shelby Kuenzli ’18

Avery Cross ’18

Chiara Favaloro ’17

Matt Brodeur ’17

Diana Vasquez ’16

Claire Gerner ’16

Sonja Favaloro ’15

Nathan Shuler ’15

Jenny Goldberg ’15

Heather Merhi ’14

The EcoFellowship Program is supported by: