Having so many people working from home creates an opportunity to help our environment! Remote employees usually already have smaller carbon footprints because they don’t have to commute by car or public transportation to and from the office every day. However, there are also many ways to be even more sustainable in your workspace at home!

1- Turn off electronics when not in use

If you have a lot of electronics in your home office, use a power strip to easily turn them all on and off at once when you’re not using them. This will reduce your environmental impact and also help you save on your energy bills!

2- Use LED light bulbs

While spending more time at home, replace your bulbs with LEDs which will last longer and save you money on your electricity bill! There are also LED desk lamps like these which are convenient and will look great on your desk.

3- Stop buying plastic water bottles

With less time on the go, it’s easier now than ever to use a glass for your water. If you’re not the biggest fan of your tap water, purchasing a water filter can help purify it to the same standards as bottled water! You can also purchase your favorite style of a reusable water bottle to keep with you and refill.

4- Eat less meat for lunch

Now that you’re home for lunch, it may be even easier to prepare your own food! Cutting back on meat consumption can have a large impact on your carbon footprint and will help the environment.

5- Use cloth instead of paper products

Instead of paper towels and napkins, re-purpose old t-shirts or towels as rags. You can throw them in the washing machine during your lunch break!

6- Make coffee at home

Use an efficient drip-coffee machine or a French press to make your own coffee and pour it into your favorite mug. This will eliminate single-use plastic coffee pods or non-recyclable waxed cardboard cups.

7- Utilize your dishwasher

It is actually more eco-friendly to run a full dishwasher than it is to hand wash each dish! Just be sure that the dishwasher is full before running it. This will not only save water but will save you energy and time during your busy day at home.

8- Take notes digitally

Use your computer or tablet to take all of your notes. This will greatly reduce your amount of paper and notebooks used. This is also often an easier way to find information later because you can digitally search and find what you are looking for.