CET recently partnered with the University of Rhode Island to create and broadcast a webinar focused on the business case for reducing, rescuing, and recycling wasted food. The webinar was moderated by CET’s Strategic Service Representative Coryanne Mansell, and included members of the Rhode Island restaurant and food recovery community as well as a presentation on CET’s wasted food prevention strategy and resources by Environmental Specialist Abbey Massaro. Read more about this exciting webinar here, and check out the webinar recording below!

2021 RI Food System Summit: Reducing, Rescuing, and Recycling Food Waste
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0:06:40 Abby Massaro talks about CET’s approach to reducing wasted food

0:39:15 Hear from Christopher Bender about his Stoneacre restaurants in Newport, RI and how CET has supported their sustainability goals

0:54:45 Learn about the Elisha Project

0:48:12 and the work that CET does to support them

1:16:45 Learn about how a food rescue operation can help your bottom line

1:24:10 Closing remarks