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Contact: John Majercak, Center for EcoTechnology President, 413.695.4825

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace Earned Center for EcoTechnology’s Local Environmental Leadership Award

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace earned the 2020/2021 Alan Silverstein and Laura Dubester Award
for Community Environmental Leadership

4/13/21 Pittsfield, MA – Guido’s Fresh Marketplace has received the 2020/2021 Alan Silverstein and Laura Dubester Award for Community Environmental Leadership from the Center for EcoTechnology (CET).

Matt and Chris Masiero accepted the award on behalf of Guido’s at last night’s Pittsfield city council meeting. Award namesake Laura Dubester, CET President John Majercak, and CET Board Member Nancy Nylen were the presenters. The award is named after Silverstein and Dubester, a couple who served as co-directors of CET for 22 years until they retired in 2010. Dubester joined CET in 1977 and Silverstein in 1978. They became co-directors of the organization in 1988. Silverstein passed away in 2014.

The award is given by CET to a local citizen or group who is working in their community to benefit the local environment with a focus on reducing the harmful impacts that humans can have on the environment, and the positive steps that people can take at home, work, and in their communities that help protect the environment, improve quality of life, and build community.

Guido’s has shown incredible environmental leadership in the community: limiting single-use plastic, investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and sourcing from local farms.

“The award honors Dubester and Silverstein’s achievements and brings recognition to individuals who demonstrate community and environmental leadership through several means,” said CET President John Majercak. “We believe the best way to honor their work is to recognize similar work and commitment of other remarkable people like Matt, Chris, and the rest of the team at Guido’s Fresh Marketplace.”

Guido’s is a pillar in the community, providing support for school recycling, allowing educational tabling for community organizations like CET, and is known for their exceptional treatment of employees and customers alike.

For those unable to attend the event, it was also streamed on Pittsfield Community Television.


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